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A simple line of light

Technology is evolving, changing the way we work and how we interact with our built environments. This creates more opportunities and more complex challenges to solve. Aesthetics, quality and tailored control of light are critical to delivering a comprehensive solution for your design.

Technology is also enabling our lighting to be smarter, smaller and more dynamic, resulting in greater complexity.

Your aspiration? A simple solution.

SLOT 1 is a simple line of light.



Mark Architectural Lighting™ has learned from decades of experience how best to deliver configured lighting solutions. Developed as an extension of our existing SLOT family, SLOT 1 is thoughtfully crafted linear lighting.

Your design is thoughtful. Your lighting should be too.

SLOT 1 is the next generation of linear lighting. Here’s why.

Illuminate with delicate details

Draw your vision with a clean, polished luminaire that empowers you with superior optical performance and greater control compared to other linear lighting solutions – now in a small form factor. Learn why SLOT 1 is the ideal luminaire for your next linear lighting project.


  • Recessed, Pendant, Surface and Wall forms
  • Small form factor: 1.5 in. x 2.325 in. Direct and Indirect and 1.5 in. x 3.125 in. Direct/Indirect
  • Drop lens and edge-view lens options
  • Standard corners and intersections
  • 3 standard finishes: Black, Silver and White

Experience exceptional quality of light

SLOT 1 delivers the brilliant illumination of linear lighting twice its size, with exceptional visual comfort and color quality you’ve been waiting for – at 90 CRI.

Our thoughtfully crafted linear lighting manages brightness and mitigates glare with options:


  • For recessed fixtures: A regressed lens option helps conceal the light source, while creating a softer aesthetic at the ceiling plane.

  • For all fixtures: A deep cell baffle shields the user's view of the aperture to conceal the light source and reduce glare. Available in Black and White finishes.

Shape the lighting in your space with multiple distributions: Direct Batwing, Indirect Batwing, Lambertian, Wall Graze and Wall Wash.

eldoLED® integrated into SLOT 1 delivers best-in-class efficiencies and performs within the recommended operating parameters for flicker as a function of frequency and modulation outlined in the IEEE Standard 1789-2015, in typical operating conditions at representative dimming levels.

Be in greater control

Thoughtful lighting offers more control, more often during the lighting experience, allowing lighting to change as your needs change. From simplified emergency planning to easier installation, experience a greater granularity of control with SLOT 1, powered by the Modulus™ low voltage distributed power and control system.

Delivering up to 16 channels of addressable control, including emergency lighting, Modulus enhances flexibility. Configure or supplement multiple independent emergency illuminated sections without adding another power drop.


This is a traditional emergency layout that only lights the path of egress and exits from the building, which meets the minimum safety requirements.


This is an emergency layout with Modulus that allows for a more balanced approach to emergency lighting, with the ability to specify all or multiple lit sections for a more uniform distribution.

Mainstream Dynamic Tunable White

Reproduce natural light patterns and colors, complement materials and support productivity with white light featuring CCT control.


Using only standard CAT-5e cables, an occupancy sensor, wall stations and digital LED luminaires, the nLight networked digital lighting system provides unmatched flexibility.


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