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Shape your lighting experience with ease

Chisel™ by Mark Architectural Lighting™ enables your vision to seamlessly integrate into your interior design with soft volumetric illumination. With multiple sizes, directional gradients, patterns and controls in a cost-effective solution, Chisel is your recessed ambient lighting of choice.


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Optional Features

Chisel allows the designer to easily add dimensionality to a space.




Five forms offer the freedom to create lighting clusters or design for a traditional grid.



3 textures

Three textured patterns interplay highlight and shadow, adding character to any design.

Directional Gradients

4 directional 1

4 directional 2

Four directional gradients allow designers to illuminate from one
side or multiple sides, without reducing lumen output or quality.


Acrylic lens option allows for easy wipe-down maintenance.

Dimming and Controls

Tunable White fosters a sense of the passage of time, enabling occupants to adjust color temperature to align with different activities, times of day and environments.

The nLight® networked digital lighting control system is easy to use, easy to install and helps save energy.
nLight AIR® is a simplified wireless lighting control solution for renovation projects.

The Tunable White CCT Contrast option employs 2700 to 6500K color temperatures in opposite directional gradients. The result? A splash of color and contrast, allowing the designer to create accents, clusters and patterns.


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