Revealing the Shape of Light

Chisel reveals the shape and dimensionality of light with soft luminous gradients and textures that add depth and character to any design. With multiple dimensions of choice and the same high performance expected from any Mark Architectural Lighting™ luminaire, your design freedom is endless. 

Let your creativity take shape!

Endless Options for Unique Designs

The Chisel™ product family also offers Tunable White and a unique array of directional gradient options to provide design freedom, versatility and distinction. Creatively achieve the aesthetic you want without sacrificing performance or lighting quality.

Five Forms

With five different forms from which to choose from, Chisel™ offers the freedom to create unique lighting clusters or design for a  traditional grid.


A textured pattern has a soft interplay of highlight and shadow adding dimensionality and character to any design. Three texture options provide a range of luminous appearances.




Directional Gradients

Directional gradients allow a designer to illuminate Chisel™ from one side or multiple sides without reducing lumen output or light quality. Directional illumination creates a natural sense of movement and allows for unique patterned applications.






Mainstream Dynamic Tunable White 

The Tunable White dynamic feature fosters a sense of passage of time, or circadian rhythm, and enables the creation of scenes and modes that can be aligned with key activities that require occupants to be more focused, relaxed or energetic.

CCT Contrast

The Tunable White CCT Contrast option employs 2700 to 6500K color temperatures in opposite directional gradients. The result is a spectacular splash of color and contrast providing a luminous canvas that allows a designer to create beautiful accents, clusters and patterns.


The nLight® networked digital lighting control system is easy to use, easy to install and helps save energy.  nLight easily scales from one room to an entire campus to provide a lighting control solution that’s perfect for your space.

nLight® AIR

nLight AIR wireless lighting control system is a simple solution for connecting Acuity Brands® LED fixtures equipped with embedded smart sensors and our wireless nLight AIR wall switches. It’s perfect for renovations, where running wires can be time consuming. Start-up is streamlined with the CLAIRITY™ mobile apps.


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